Jasper Dhors, gap to lipslide


Victoria is a Hong Kong skateboarding brand “made for skaters by the skaters,” as Chris Bradley puts it. Aside from producing clothing and boards, Victoria represents a collective of multicultural riders from a wide scope of Asian countries including Japan, Thailand, Korea, and of course, Hong Kong.


The crew is pushing street skating in Asia as they venture abroad to different cities in search of new spots to skate. In 2019, they met up for a 10-day skate trip in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. The city itself gives off an East Coast vibe with a wacky Asian twist — a mixture of smooth roads, crusty plazas, and the unusual but perfect concrete swell. Watch the video to get a taste of what it’s like to cruise the streets of Taipei with a heavy crew.

Ruben Soon, backside noseblunt

Jasper Dhors, smith grind

Chris Bradley, Ollie

Kyle Ke, Pop-shuvit tailgrab

Jasper Dhors, late night K-grind


“It’s not just Victoria Hong Kong, we’re an Asia collective and I just wanna keep growing it.”

To bring the local and international scenes together, Victoria organized “BULLY,” a group exhibition that showcased a range of artworks and musical performances. 

“We don’t have a website with professional skater profiles, it’s more just friends and family.”

“Made for skaters by the skaters.”

Video by Ollie Rodgers

Photos by Owen Yu, Ollie Rodgers & Gemma Harrad

Full interview with Victoria founder, Arthur Leung, on Hypebeast



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