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We bring you episode 02 of the local homie video, Canto Pop. With Marty as the main filmer using his VX2000 cam, the crew hit spots throughout night and day during the Covid lockdowns. The streets were empty and the boys were hungry. Hills were bombed and beers were crushed.

Filmer, Marty Law, speaks to Ollie about the filming process behind the video:

What’s up man how you doing?

Marty: Chilling, just made myself a little bit of lunch for tomorrow. Gonna skin a doobie up.


Cheeky. What did you make for tomorrow?

Marty: I just made a classic mushroom tomato pasta.


What was the filming process for CP2 like?

Marty: I remember when we filmed that first clip with you, the varial heel and 5-0 fakie at Lai Chi Kok banks. That was pretty soon after the first CP video. We started filming that and were super hyped on it but then there was a bit of a gap for a few months when we were all just loafing around not doing much. It was pretty much after Joe (Bunyan) left and a lot of the energies were dying down. But slowly we stacked more clips. We were just going out with the homies, tryna get tricks. You also couldn’t skate in the parks so there was this flurry of street skating and street footy from people who were more park skaters before which was dope. 


Would you say Covid made it easier to film last year?


Marty: Yeah Covid definitely helped so much cause we could go out at night and there would be no drunk people out in Sheung Wan or LKF area to bother us and hassle us as much. I was never too sketched out about the gathering laws but that was always at the back of my mind. Covid made it easier too cause a lot of us were working from home so we could stay out till later than normal haha. It was kind of a blessing in disguise for us.


What lead up to you and Joe deciding to ollie into the bank at Tiu Keng Leng?

Marty: I think it was probably Sean who showed us that bank when I first got back a while ago. We’d always pass by and say how gnarly it was, especially cause of the curb at the bottom where you land. We wanted to just come in and brake the curb and try and sesh it. I remember we went once with Chris and Joe and stuff, and they tried it out but the hype wasn’t there. Then one day it was just me and Joe and we had nothing to do, so I was like “we should break the curb but go without our boards.” So I bought a hammer from the local hardware shop and we literally started going to town on the curb. We broke it and didn’t even skate it cause I was afraid the cops were gonna come. We came back the next week with our boards and the curb was rebuilt haha. So we just put some wood there and did it.


Weren’t you guys drinking and dancing at your crib before?

Marty: It was just one of those summer days haha. Where we’re just staying out late drinking and Tyshin and Joe always tended to crash at our crib. Then the next day it’s a holiday, do a bit of day drinking. So we just did that. 

Xander Photo by Owen.jpg

Xander Yeadon, lipslide at Bank of China

What about Xander’s Bank of China lipslide?

Marty: Aw man, that was crazy. He told me that was one of his childhood dreams and I think I was just trying to fish a really gnarly trick out of Xander, knowing his background in extreme sports. So I think that just came up and I was really pressuring him to do it. He said how much of a big deal it was to him so I was stoked to help him film that, and Owen obviously came through to capture the photo. We went one time, I think you were there right? He got really close but the guard was being a real big dick and it started raining so we were like “we’’ll wait it out.” We had to go twice.

Security there can be the worst but that time for 15, 20 mins the guard didn’t come out.

Marty: Yeah he did it in like 10 or 15 tries max.


Fung, nosepick, Choi Hung Bank

Fung’s nosepick into the Choi Hung bank?

Marty: He asked me where that spot was and I told him and he said he wanted to go nosepick it. We went when it was raining the first time. So we came back another day. I just kind of pressured him to do it. Neris pulled up randomly. Yeah.. Fung just kind of came and conquered. We spent like a good hour there honestly.


Marty Law, Marina Cove Double Set

Alright, tell me about the Marina Cove double set.

Marty: Sean and I used to chill around there a lot cause we kinda went to school in that area. So I’d look at it and think.. that’s gnarly. It was always doable in my head. Then I found out (Eric) Koston switch back heeled it which is fucked up. So I was like, I’ll switch back 180 it! But I bunted it. I asked you to come with me to film it haha I totally wanted to do it, but I was like I’ll just ollie it. It was the funniest thing

That ground sucked. What is a memorable session that comes to mind?

Marty: If I would go back to the first CP, the sessions at the Sai Kung bar area were great. Fung did the half cab crook, and then big spin, and Nic does that pop shuvit 5-0 line. You had the 5050 back 180 out. That session was just fucking good, I remember we were skating and having fun, and also trying hard.


From left to right: Xander, Felix, Marty, Arthur, Mikey

What sparked you to get back into filming?

Marty: Basically, Sean’s my homeboy and he was like “let’s film a video of the boys,” and we were both keen on the old school cam footage. We weren’t so into the HD stuff. We prefer that SD style, and I was also hurt cause I always have injuries, so I was like “sick I’ll just film.”


Were there any issues with the VX?

Marty: Dude the maintenance was just too much. I had to fix the VX once or twice because of issues that I thought I had fixed already, but never ended up being fixed. And sometimes you might accidentally record over something. Ive def accidentally not filmed a few tricks which kinda annoyed the skater haha.

Haha That Mikey hippie jump line.

Marty: Yeah the Mikey line, Piet’s Manny front big spin… And that’s just me fucking up, but I guess it would have been less likely if it wasn’t on VX? It’s just a lot of maintenance. I might fix it and get back into it. 


Mikey Silva, Sheung Wan hippie jump into an off-road assault

Was there a difference for you filming CP2 to CP1?

Marty: Yeah I think CP1 was a smaller crew. Less people, and then CP2, Sean and I were thinking we would just split up the footage cause we have different camcorders. I have the VX but he had a smaller camcorder with a different look. So when we were filming CP1 it was like, as long as one of us is out, we’d be getting footage. Wheres CP2 it was mainly me with you guys helping, so it was not so much a group filming effort as much. 

Now we got some CP3 sessions going. How you feeling about that?

Marty: I’m stoked dude, we’re just tryna film the homies. Skate as much as we can, and film along the way. And you’re taking over! Yeah I’m taking a little retirement for now. A little hiatus, which is sick. 

We can see the crust a little clearer in CP3!

Marty: Exactly!


Filmed by Marty Law
Edited by Ollie Rodgers
Additional filming by Zakh Hyman, Ollie Rodgers, Tyshin
Photos by Owen Yu and Ollie Rodgers

Skaters: Xander Yeadon, Mikey Silva, Joe Bunyan, Marty Law, Chris Bradley, Piet Guilfoyle, Ollie Rodgers, Justin Snyder, Sean Brooker, Tyshin Kiuchi, Félix Landry Yuan, Fung, Neris, Paul Clarkin, Arthur Leung, KC, Big Deck.

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