Ouyang Chang is a master of Calligraphy. He is one of the last remaining tenants at the State Theatre in North Point where his shop has stood for over 30 years. The State Theatre, formerly known as the Empire Theatre, opened its doors in 1952. In its glory days it was a cultural landmark that housed film screenings, Chinese operas and performances by international musicians. There are plans to demolish the grade 1 historic building in the near future. Ouyang Chang is refusing to leave quietly and has attracted an influx of support from visitors.


"I've been making signs for more than 30 years here"


"Over 1,000 signs in Hong Kong are written by me, in Zan Script"


Directed by Gemma Harrad

Filmed by Ollie Rodgers

Additional Filming by Gemma Harrad

Edited by Ollie Rodgers & Gemma Harrad

Drone Filming by Lapyin Brooks

Translated by Katie Ng

Graphics by Gemma Harrad & Kwan Chow

Photos by Elton Fung