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HONG KONG SPOT CHECK 01 - I.T. (Immigration Tower)

Spot Check is a new series where we revisit iconic HK skate spots and discuss the history behind them. Hear the stories from two OG’s: JBS & Darryl Griggs as they reminisce about the good old days. This 1st episode tells the story of Immigration Tower. In 1995, Darryl saw the spot for the first time, JBS coined the name “IT” and the rest is history. 

Screenshot 2022-07-11 at 9.27.03 AM.png

Johnny Tang, Ollie. Photo by Warren Stuart

2001 - Kieu Lieu _Donger_.gif

2001 - Kieu Lieu “Donger”

San Diego local ‘Donger’ was the first one to attempt the gap to ledge. According to JBS it was a wet, misty, stoney night and he did it first try, twice.

Screenshot 2022-07-11 at 9.31.32 AM.png

Chun Chai tre flip for the boys. Photo by Warren Stuart

2021 - Brandon Turner nollie flip noseslide

Brandon Turner - 2001.gif

2001 - Brandon Turner, nollie flip noseslide

Legend has it there were 100+ people on some of the early Friday night I.T. sessions. This clip shows us what the scene was really like back in the day as a massive crowd watches a young Brandon Turner put on a ledge demo.

Screenshot 2022-07-11 at 5.11.30 PM.png

2006 - Terrel Robinson, K-Grind. Photo by Warren Stuart

2006 - Chris Cole - back tail.gif

2006 - Chris Cole, backside tailslide

By far the gnarliest and most well executed trick done at Immigration Tower.
Chris Cole was on a mission during the filming of Fallen’s ‘Ride The Sky’ video.

Filmed by: Alix Roussel, Ollie Rodgers
Archival Footage: Nigel Ong, Warren Stuart, Jamie Thomas
Title Graphics, Justice Lee
3D Graphics: Kwan Chow
Edited by: Ollie Rodgers
Music: Cypher - Room 307, Matt Force, Akira Mimasu
Photos: Warren Stuart


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