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HONG KONG SPOT CHECK 02 - Morrison Hill

Spot Check is a series where we revisit iconic Hong Kong skate spots and discuss the history behind them. Hear the stories from two OG’s: JBS & Darryl Griggs as they reminisce about the early days of HK Skateboarding. In episode #2 we revisit Morrison Hill in Wanchai. Built in 1990 as Hong Kong's first skatepark, there's no doubt that this spot has a rich history.

1991 - BFD Skates “Made in Hong Kong”

We tracked down the earliest possible footage we could find of Mo Hill. This grainy footage of Miguel Rosales was taken from the video “Made in Hong Kong” - technically the first homie skate video every filmed in the city. BFD Skates was founded by Warren Stuart and Tabo.

Zered Basset - Bush Gap - 2002 - Zoo York.gif

2002 - Zered Bassett casual Ollie during his destruction of Hong Kong

Go Skateboarding Day Antics - 2011.gif

2011 - Go Skateboarding Day antics

I remember this day fondly. Watching the local heroes Piet, Chris B and Ben Coniam get involved but not take it too seriously. When it comes down to it, skateboarding ain’t about winning, but having fun with your friends.


Filmed by: Ollie Rodgers, Alix Roussel
Drone Footage: Owen Yu

Archival Footage: Nigel Ong, Warren Stuart, Anthony Claravall,
Patrik Wallner, JanChai, RB Umali, Jason Hernandez

Title Graphics, Justice Lee
Outro 3D Graphics: Kwan Chow
Edited & Sound Design by: Ollie Rodgers


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